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North Atmos Hybrid Board 2023

The Atmos Hybrid 2023 is a board with a Paulownia wood core. The wood core has been shaped to get thinner towards the tips, giving very good control in the middle of the deck and flex in the tips. So, you can still pick up speed and jump high even in choppy water. DU (Uni Directional) carbon fibers were used to strengthen the board in certain areas. The outer layer consists of a fiberglass construction. This offers more flex than the carbon layer on the Atmos Carbon.

New to this year's Atmos Hybrid 2023 are the centered inserts. North has done everyone a big favor with this, who is at a spot where it is flat or where there are stones or shells. Basically, the heel edge always wears out much faster than the toe edge. Thanks to the centered inserts, you can now turn the pads & straps and make your toe edge the new heel edge. This increases the lifespan of your Atmos Hybrid enormously.

On the bottom, the North Atmos Hybrid has a single concave in the center. When landing, the water surface is broken and the water is guided to the tips, where the concave then changes into quad-channel. This gives you very good grip even when kiting in very strong winds, as the channels offer a lot of control.

The average rocker ensures that you can easily go upwind and plan early in lighter winds. If you are just starting your kite career or have been doing it for a while and are looking for a very good all-round board - take a closer look at the Atmos Hybrid. It offers you a very good performance in all kinds of conditions, a relaxed cruising in chop, but you can also charge up the board super well and jump high with it. This makes the Atmos Hyrid 2023 a real all-round kiteboard to get the best out of you and your session!

North Atmos Hybrid Board 2023

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มีสินค้าเหลือในสต็อกเพียง 1 ชิ้น
    • All-round freeride
    • new: centered inserts
    • All-round performance
    • Super cool design
    • Hybrid construction
    • Precise edge control
    • Shock absorbing concave to quad channel in tips
    • Medium rocker
    • Greater comfort thanks to more flexibility
    • light weight
    • robust paulownia wood core
    • Integrated Grab Rail
    • Ergonomic handle
    • 40mm fins included
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