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Mystic Foil Seat Harness

The Foil seat harness is super comfortable and gives a lot of support. The harness is specially designed for the kiters who are foiling. This seat harness is perfect for people who want to go cruising, but quickly get a backache with a waist harness.

The harness is super comfortable, thanks to the foam panels that are on the inside of the harness. The neoprene edges are super soft, so you can even go foiling without a wetsuit. Thanks to the straps around the legs, the harness cannot slide up. The Surfbar and Clickerbar 4.0 fit on this harnes

Mystic Foil Seat Harness

฿6,900.00 ราคาปกติ
ไม่รวม ภาษี
colour: Black
    • Seat harness
    • Especially for foiling
    • Super comfortable
    • A lot of support
    • Foam panels
    • Soft neoprene edges
    • Surfbar / Clickerbar 4.0
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