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Carved Imperator 7 Kiteboard

The Carved Imperator 7 comes with new Cartan 2 carbon. This carbon fiber structure has been improved by optimizing the layout of carbon fibers and use of resin. This results in an ultra-strong and thin unibody construction that saves 100g of weight compared to the Imperator 6. When you hold that black beauty up against the sunlight you will see the reflections of the new carbon construction.
Also for its first time ever, the REVO grab handle has been introduced together with the Carved Imperator 7. This grab handle is included in the Imperator 7 and allows you to change the rocker line of the board on the water. When the wind dies out, but you want to keep shredding, twist the grab handle and flatten out the rocker line by 15mm. This will give you earlier planning and more edge control, so you can cruise upwind easier. After your session, twist the handle again and put it back into the standard setting. This is a great feature that is unique to the kite industry and enhances the versatility of the Carved Imperator 7 a lot.
Carved has developed the UV FOIL for the Imperator 7. This UV and scratch protection will pro-long the lifetime of your new kiteboard and will keep it beautiful and shiny.
The hull of the Imperator 7 kiteboard carries over its signature features, that have been known already from the Imperator 6. The Deep V Keel, the Double Concave and Elliptic Flex Tips create a waterflow under your board that will allow you to at the highest speeds and still be in control. The hand finished rail slices through water and will allow you to hold your edge even in super strong and gusty conditions.

Without a doubt, with the Carved Imperator 7 you will receive a handmade, premium masterpiece in board design, that also offers unmatched performance: super direct controlled also at high speeds with the versatility to adjust the rocker line for lightwind and a beautiful look with shiny, black Cartan 2 carbon – the Carved Imperator 7 is simply the best of the best!

Carved Imperator 7 Kiteboard

59 000,00฿Цена
НДС Включая
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