Refresher / Improver

Price: 4,000

Who’s it for?

Bit out of practice? Need a few kiteboarding skills refreshing?. Our instructors will take a quick assessment and work on techniques to get you to where you want to be.

Refresher course outline

People have a different experience when starting to kiteboard, they learn at different rates. You may not have been on the water for a while. This will accelerate you to where you want to be without any “kitemares”


Improver course outline

So you can get up on the board but you want to turn in style and try your first jumps. Sign up here to save yourself getting trashed in the water a lot. Even if your a super quick learner our instructors will keep giving you a higher level challenge. Go to test yourself, how good can you get
” Jumping – It’s an awesome feeling”

Radio helmets

KBA use the latest technology, we use a 2-way radio mounted inside the helmet. Our instructors can teach whilst your riding

Lesson duration:
Teaching time (1 on 1 instruction): 2 Hrs
Teaching time (2 students per instructor): 3 Hrs


Improver Kitesurfing Course Contents (IKO)

Level 3J – Edging

• Control the riding speed by edging
• Consistent riding in both directions

Level 3K – Upwind Riding

• Consistent riding in all directions including upwind
• Ride amongst other riders and water users and respect right of way rules

Level 3L – Turns

• Change of direction without stopping
• Make a toe side turn

Level 3M – Self Launch

• Risk assessment and awareness of the riding area
• Self launch

Level 3N – Basic Jump

• Know the theory and the safety rules for jumping.
• Land a basic jump