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North Sonar Carbon Fuselage

The North Sonar Carbon Fuselage gives you the same reliable strength, durability, and corrosion resistance with 50% less weight than the alloy version. Compared with North Sonar’s anonized aluminum, this featherweight pre-preg carbon fuselage provides the same top-tier performance for both advanced foiling and learning the ropes.

The North Sonar Carbon Fuselage is available in C600 and C700 sizes. The shorter C600 Sonar Fuselage gives you better pumps and earlier takeoffs, perfect for riders looking for maximum agility. The longer length of the C700 Sonar Fuselage provides a more forgiving performance with excellent stability and control, ideal for both beginner and advanced wing-foiling.

The hull of the North Sonar Carbon Fuselage has a hydrodynamically optimized shape to give you reduced drag and resistance. It also features a GeoLock system designed for optimal load-bearing connection. It is a tapered geometry locking system that combines the Sonar mast and fuselage, offering a seamless feel and performance. The unique tapered geometry enables efficient load transfer and long-lasting mast-to-fuselage connection.

The durable, pre-preg North Sonar Carbon Fuselage is made to last. It is compatible with all Sonar masts and Sonar Front wings. Each package comes stock with the Sonar Carbon Fuselage and an M8x35 screw pack.

North Sonar Carbon Fuselage

Sales Tax Included
    • High-performance carbon pre-preg construction
    • GeoLock tapered geometry locking system for optimized load-bearing connection
    • Hydrodynamically-optimized shape for minimal resistance
    • Compatible with all Sonar masts and all Sonar front wings
    • Available in C600 or C700 sizes
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