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North Nova Light Wind 2023
  • Waiting for wind? The all-new Nova Light Wind has the power to unlock borderline sessions, lift you up instantly in the lightest wind and keep you on the foil for longer. Its deep profile and ultra-stiff frame provide the most efficient power delivery per m2, carrying you through the lulls and converting the slightest puff into powerful forward momentum.

    Engineered to feel as light as possible, the Nova Light Wind has balanced load distribution and lift for easier gybes, tacks and low-speed transitions. Rigid GripLock micro-trim handles deliver a more immediate response. Its refined compact outline and rounded wingtips help reduce tip-strike, and the manageable span width is tailored to fit every rider.

    Go by height to choose just one Nova Light Wind size for your quiver, and end the wait for wind.

    North Nova Light Wind 2023

    Sales Tax Included
      • Efficient deep powerful profile  
      • Ultra-stiff frame
      • Refined design
      • Rigid GripLock microtrim control handles
      • Balanced load distribution
      • Compact span width tailored to your height (choose wing size by rider size)
      • Rounded wing tips for reduced tip strike
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