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Dakine Vision Seat harness 2022
  • The Dakine 2022 Vision Women's Seat Harness offers maximum comfort, support, and control for kiteboarding and windsurfing. This women-specific harness is designed to provide the perfect fit for female riders. An adjustable hook height allows you to customize the fit to your body type. The 8-point load dispersion system evenly distributes pressure over the entire surface area of your body, allowing you to remain comfortably in place while riding.

    Additional unique features include a dual-blade hook knife for quickly releasing from your kite or sail in an emergency and left or right-side leash attachment rings. These allow you to attach your leash or handle on either side, removable handles and leash attachments, and Maniac and Option spreader bar compatibility. All these features provide superior performance and control without sacrificing comfort.

    Dakine Vision Seat harness 2022

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    colour: Black
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