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Cabrinha Fusion Carbon Base Kit 2022

Cabrinha’s new Fusion ecosystem is a testament to their commitment to designing and manufacturing high-performance foils. With a focus on both form and function, each individual part has been carefully crafted and designed to allow for complete customization of the system. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the new X:Series Wing options provide endless possibilities for progression on any craft. So why wait? Start building your dream ride today with Cabrinha’s Fusion ecosystem.

As part of this ecosystem, the Fusion Carbon kit stands out for its superior performance. Constructed with EPS and prepreg carbon, it’s incredibly lightweight yet impressively stiff. The fuselage connection platform has also been redesigned to provide a tight lock with the mast, ensuring maximum stability and durability even in the toughest foil conditions. And with seamless compatibility with all 9cm industry standard foil boxes, the Fusion Carbon kit is the ultimate choice for those looking to push the limits of their foil game.

Cabrinha Fusion Carbon Base Kit 2022

Sales Tax Included

    • Integrated baseplate for superior stiffness and reduced weight
    • I-beam full carbon pre-preg construction.
    • EPS core for superior strength to weight ratio
    • Precision tapered fuse-to-mast connection for optimal rigidity
    • Tapered chord for reduced drag
    • 3-screw connection with threaded brass inserts


    • EPS core for superior strength to weight ratio
    • Full carbon prepreg construction
    • ss316 m6 inserts
    • Interchangeable rear fuselage for optimal performance and easy travel
    • 343mm rear fuse for superior manoeuvrability
    • recessed stabilizer mounting surface for minimal drag


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