3 shops/schools within 10 mins walk all on the same beach. Our first center and most popular kitesurfing location.

Bangkok Airport: 3hrs travel
Season: Oct-Apr


An island adventure, truly year-round wind and perfect temperature for kitesurfing.

Phuket Airport: 30mins travel (approx)
Peak season: Year round

2 kite schools in Phuket; location depends on season

Koh Samui

Tropical island kiteboarding paradise. Awesome kitesurf spots and beaches protected by reefs.

Bangkok Airport: 12hrs travel (approx)
Peak season: Oct-Apr

2 kite schools + shops in Samui; location depends on season


Uncrowded, chilled. Stunning mountain backdrops and next to a national park. Wide open beaches ideal for kitesurfing.

Bangkok Airport: 3.5hrs travel (approx)
Peak season: Oct-Apr

1 kite school and shop in Pranburi

Koh Phangan

World famous full moon parties, many secluded beaches, waterfalls, and sections of the jungle to discover.

Bangkok Airport: 1. By plane & ferry= 2hours 2. By bus & ferry= 13hours

Peak season: November-April & July-September

2 Kite schools and shops in Koh Phangan depending on season.


Based at the Blue Lagoon resort. Uncrowded kitesurfing. Very good for
kite foilboarding.

Bangkok Airport: 2hrs travel (approx)
Peak season: Oct-Apr

1 kite school in Pattaya


Hung Wua Laen is a quiet, beautiful town, with an uncrowded beach and the best wind in Thailand from November until January.

Bangkok Airport: 6hrs travel (approx)
Peak season: please check opening dates!

1 kite school in Pattaya


Krabi is simply stunning and it’s the home of our newest Kiteboarding Asia center. The nightlife is quite a bit quieter than the other party islands.

Krabi Airport: 20 min travel (approx)
Peak season: Please check opening dates

1 kite school in Krabi