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Core Kiteboarding Board Fusion 5

All new allround and freeride kiteboard by Core Kiteboarding!

Core Kiteboarding has dropped a new edition of their Allround/ Freeride Kiteboard Fusion 5. The new Fusion 5 Twintip has gone through a lot of major improvements compared to the previous model: new wood core, new channels, new concave, new rails, new flex pattern and really cool: a completely fresh design! The Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard is suitable for most riders out there, who are looking forward to a fun and enjoyable session, but do not want to lack the necessary performance to go big if the conditions are there for it!

The Core Fusion 5 comes now with a new 3D Paulownia wood core. This wood is lighter and also the shape has been improved to save some extra weight on it. Thanks to the strips of Cartan Carbon, the board has some extra stiffness for a direct and playful feel. These strips of carbon provide enough flex in the longitudinal axis to absorb the chop, but enough stiffness to pop well and jump high. Core has used a new Unibody Edge Construction to connect top and bottom layer of the board to make it extra solid.

At the bottom of the Fusion 5 Core has done some major changes as well. A double concave is now paired with the new Katana Channels that were already introduced at the Choice 4 Kiteboard. This mix of double concave and channels provides extra grip under your back foot, but does not slow you down unnecessarily. With this control you can cruise upwind with ease.

You are looking for a fun and yet performance orientated board? Check out the Core Fusion 5! Reduced weight, better feel and improved control is something all riders enjoy!

Core Kiteboarding Board Fusion 5

exkl. MwSt.
    • Allround | Freeride
    • Carbon Construction
    • new: lighter 3D Paulownia wood core
    • new: Channel + Double Concave
    • new: Rail Construction
    • new: Tucked Under Rails
    • Well balanced Flex
    • Incl. G-10 Fins and Handle
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