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Cabrinha Fusion Foil Front Wing 2022
  • Clocking in at four different front wing sizes, the possibilities for the Cabrinha foil are endless. Want to surf? Want to wing? Want to foil behind the boat? Cabrinha's got you covered with a plethora of sizes for easy swap-and-play action. 

    Cabrinha Fusion Foil Front Wing 2022

    inkl. MwSt.
      • Increased stiffness between components
      • increased efficiency and lift
      • integrated fuselage with conical fit
      • EPS full prepreg carbon construction



      • Small Waves
      • Pumping
      • Larger Rider
      • Light Wind Winging
      • Highest Lift


      • Surf Wing for Heavier Riders
      • Winging
      • Pumping


      • All Round Surf Wing
      • Winging for Middle to Light weight riders
      • Kiting


      • Kiting
      • Tow Surfing
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