Koh Phangan

Kiteboarding in a Phangan paradise!

Welcome to KBA Koh Phangan; THE EASIEST place to learn kiteboarding in Asia!


February to November (Lime & Soda Resort)

Google maps location of KBA Thong Sala

Our first set-up is located at the Lime & Soda resort in Thong Sala; literally 5 minutes away from the pier by taxi. This location is nothing short of paradise… Here you will find a flat-water lagoon with a water depth of 0.3m – 1.5m deep depending on the tides. This allows for an extremely safe and and easy learning experience regardless of your age, gender and physical capabilities. We like to call it a swimming pool for kiteboarders!


November to February 

(Next to ‘Chaloklum Bay Resort’)

Google maps location of KBA Chaloklum

During this part of the year there is a dramatic shift in wind direction due to the beginning of winter season in Thailand. The wind comes from the north and therefore at Lime and Soda there will only be off shore wind. Hence, we relocate to Chaloklum where we will receive great side-onshore winds.

Amidst our strive to be the provider of the best kiteboarding experience in Thailand; we have new for 2017 A PRIVATE KITEBOARDING CLUBHOUSE ON THE BEACH! This shop is fully stocked with all equipment, and storage along with showers, toilets and a BBQ lounge area.

Perfect conditions, perfect facilities and a perfect place to socialise with other kiters and students both before and after the lesson!

About Koh Phangan…

As many of you will probably know by now, Koh Phangan is also home to the world famous Full Moon party, but there’s much more to the island besides the amazing nightlife. From the many secluded bays, waterfalls and jungles, to the muay thai camps and yoga meditation centers… the island is blessed with a unique vibe that sets it apart from any other place in the amazing country that is Thailand.

Whats more – Koh Samui and Koh Tao are just a short ferry ride away, so if you ever need to venture away on an adventure looking for diving or city life; Koh Phangan is very accessible in that regard.




Koh Phangan

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KBA Koh Phangan: 9.703939, 100.012579


Centre Manager “Justin” :

Hey everyone! My name is Justin & I am the Manager here at KBA – Koh Phangan. I started kiting with KBA in Pattaya and before long was completely in love with the sport, looking back now I can say it was one of the best things I have done! This is why I encourage you to be adventurous, spontaneous and give kiting a go, I promise you wont regret it!

Our instructors here  have up to 10 years of experience and can get you ripping on the water in no time.

Hope to see you soon and have you join our fantastic kiteboarding community here with KBA Thailand.


Instructor “A” :

“Sawasdee Kub!” My name is Arnon, or ‘A’ for short… I’ve been teaching kiteboarding for 11 years now & my love for the sport has only grew stronger over the years.

From simple “mowing the lawn” to boosting big airs & intimidating unhooked tricks such as the “313”, “back mobe” I do it all!

I hope to spread this passion with you all so come have a good time and kite with the us at KBA Thailand!




Beach boy “Loong” :

Hi everybody… I’m Loong, I first started my kiteboarding training 2 years ago with KBA in Hua Hin. I am just addicted to the sport now and love to help out on the beach as well – so if you need a hand, launch or land… give me a shout!

Apart from the amazing sport that is kiteboarding, I truly feel blessed to be part of the KBA family – we are one big family and everyone looks after each other with care and compassion… this is what I believe the world should be like!


Instructor “Pae” :

Hello my name is Pae, but you may call me ‘Brad Pitt’  and I am the main instructor here at KBA Koh Phangan. I started kiting many  years ago and have been based on the island for over 4 years.  As with everyone else… I fell in love with the sport and I particularly love doing BIG AIR jumps.

Apart from riding, it is my passion to teach people and I like to challenge myself to make my students learn as quickly as possible whilst having a good time. So see you on the water soon!

Instructor “Da” :

Call me DA! I started kiteboarding 9 years ago in Pattaya – a very lightwind location. This has allowed me to gain very good understanding of kite control and it’s importance. Now being in Koh Phangan, I am blessed to have amazing wind everyday! It is really a paradise spot for kiteboarders… from rookies to advanced riders alike! Don’t say NO, give this sport a chance and you will see why we are all crazy about kiteboarding!

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Koh Phangan is a great dive location. Other top activities include an adventure park, trekking, quadbiking, and off road vehicles.

For relaxation there is yoga, and herbal saunas.

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Main set-up is located at the Lime & Soda resort, in Thong Sala. However we are mobile and can teach at any spot of the island depending upon the wind direction and season!


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Full Moon Parties

Haad Rin Nok Beach is only about 800 metres long but on Full Moon Party nights more than 12 powerful sound systems crank out tunes and it hosts up to an amazing 30,000 partygoers during special events such as New Year’s Eve.

In short, Koh Phangan’s Full Moon parties are the most celebrated and longest-running dance culture events in the world.

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Dates: 2017

August 7th
September 5th
October 6th
November 3rd
December 3rd