Hydro Foil Lessons

How about to soar over the water?
You can get this incredible feeling by riding on a foil board!

Hydro foil is one of the most exciting and newest parts of kiteboarding. Foil boarding will give you amazing upwind ability. You will be able to ride in very light wind due to almost no resistance while gliding over the water. There is almost no tow on the body, so you can ride for hours.

KBA is the 1st kite school in Thailand that is offering hydrofoil board lessons, rental and foil board sales.

Book your own personal private foil board lessons and get started into foil boarding.

The Hydro Foil course takes 6 hrs divided in 3 lessons:
• setup the foil board and make adjustments
• put board your feet
• controlling the lift
• be able to ride above the water on the foil
• body drag with the foil board
• water start
• riding upwind
• change direction
• self rescue

Price: 18,000 THB*
*3,000 THB for 1 hr including the board or 1,500 not including the board

The equipment is included during the lesson.
Outside lesson time, we offer foil board rental. It’s possible to rent the complete (kite, board, harness, bar) gear for 1500 THB/h or 4000 THB/day; foil board 1000 THB/h.

You must be a self-sufficient kite boarder. You must be able to stay upwind easily, jump, self-relaunch and self-rescue on a twin tip kiteboard.

Foil boarding uses a very different set of skills. The foil boards make experienced kite boarders feel like beginners again. But once mastered it is an amazing feeling to glide above the water.

Come and feel the thrill of the newest style in kiteboarding. It is like nothing you’ve experienced before!!!